As disciples of Jesus we are committed to applying all that the Bible teaches about the many different aspects of life. Our church calendar is organised into a rhythm so that we emphasise different themes across the year; under the heading ‘Grow’ we prioritise discipleship & learning in the Winter term, under the heading ‘Go’ we emphasise mission & outreach in the Summer term, & under the heading ‘Gather’ we prioritise evangelism through various gospel events.

As part of this term’s ‘Grow’, season our plan is that March will be a month of training, when for a short time we will gather together to explore a range of subjects and hopefully be equipped to make a difference where we live and work. So, whether you are young or old, married or single, studying, working or retired, there should be something for you.

The training season will consist of 6 different seminar streams which hopefully offer something for everyone, as well as a number of one-off seminars covering a range of subjects.

Before signing up to a seminar stream, I would like to make you aware that once you have chosen a stream. You are signing up for all three weeks. This means you will be unable to signup to any other streams taking place on the same night. The exception to this rule are the one off seminars. 

Please select/click a training streams/seminars that you are interested in and signup:

Tuesday Evenings

God’s heart for the poor – Steve and Dee Masters

Personal Evangelism – Will Loescher and Patrick Hambly

Growing as a worshipper – Jamie Masters and Adrian Birks

Wednesday Evenings 

Growing in Leadership – Adrian Birks and Nick Gimson

Living on purpose – gifts, goals & growth – Kevin and Sarah Aires

One off/Additional seminars

Thriving in retirement – Mike and Sheila Allen

Understanding gender & sexuality – Adrian Birks

Parenting – what does the Bible say? – Nigel and Marian Parker

Living for God in the workplace – David Norris

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