Young people play an important part at The Community Church as they are the next generation that is emerging. We have two youth groups that seek to teach and equip young people in their walk with God.

Welcome to the wonderful world of YP (Young People), for anyone in secondary schools Year 7 to 9. We get together for socials during which go all-sorts of places such as the cinema, paintballing, bowling as well as chill out evenings. Within YP we have a further four groups. In each group we try and cater for the different needs of our local community and youth who are Christians. These groups are:


YP is our main youth group meeting. It is run every week on a Friday night between the times of 7.30 and 9.30pm, held at The King’s Centre. YP is aimed for the ages of 11 to 17 year olds. Again it is similar to The Vault on a Thursday, except we offer additional activities such as arts and craft, music production and recording and team games. At YP we offer a safe environment where young people can come to express themselves through music or arts. We also offer activities away from the Centre to hopefully broaden their horizons showing that life does exist outside of Honiton. These activities include Clip and Climb, 10 pin bowling and BBQs on the beach. All our leaders try their best to get to know the young people, hoping we might get a chance to offer advice in case of any issues that may arise in the young person’s life. We also present a ‘God slot’ just before the end of the night where we discuss Christianity and who Jesus really is.

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This particular club is part of the other three. It is run every other Sunday during the service at church. This club is mainly for young people who have already made a commitment to becoming a Christian or for youth who are really interested in becoming one. We again offer a platform to help young people express their thoughts on what it is like living as a Christian. The leaders give guidance and prayer should the young person request it.

TCCH Youth

This young peoples life group meets every Wednesday evening. We focus on helping our young people who have a christian faith in Jesus. We provide an environment where they are able to receive prayer and teaching to strengthen their faith in Jesus.  The group works on a system where we study the bible every other week and the week we are not studying we have a social.

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